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Welcome to The Starry Vault.  

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There is no easy way between the earth and the stars - Seneca

Welcome to the Starry Vault

LVE – A space of fraternity which allows exchanges, sharing, dialogues, between SS:. and FF:. whatever their Obediences, their Orients, their country

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Zoom conference on Tuesday September 26, 2023 by NTCF Michel Maffesoli

The Masonic ideal

In the 18th century it was by being in agreement with what this F:.M:. what Hegel called “the spirit of the times” that the F:.M:. could experience the development that we know.
In what way and how can it be in phase with the emerging culture? With what some call “postmodernity”. Perhaps, faithful to “progressive philosophy”, that is to say a philosophy anchored in Tradition, in that it takes seriously the initiatory path, that is to say a path based on the intimate relationship existing between the visible and the invisible. 

OPPOSITE A few minutes of the Zoom conference on Thursday, September 21 by NTCF Mi:. Cl:. GOB – Lawyer and financial investigating judge

An exciting conference 


Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 October – Parisian weekend

LVE Ile de France and our Sister Maryse offer you a Parisian weekend which will be a place for meetings and sharing of the Fraternity.
Joyful and unusual visit to Montmartre both sung and commented on historical anecdotes.
In the evening, a conference and a meal in the Senate. The Senate restaurant is only accessible to Senators and their guests.
It is therefore a great privilege for us to dine in this exceptional place.
On Sunday a play by NTCS P:. D:.

INTRO to travel to Egypt of The Starry Vault. Departure March 18, 2024! 

All the details of the trip: “Events” menu option “LVE trips” or by clicking on the button below

Audio board; Is Matter Spirit

Here is an INTRO of the first degree symbolic AUDIO board by NTCF B:. G∴–GODF to the East of Saint-Brieuc. THE COMPLETE VIDEO in the Audios boards

Audio boards: Call for candidates! 

MTCS, MTCF, if you have a work that you want to present, we offer you this summer to broadcast it on an Audio board. I invite you to contact me by email. We will agree on a time to Zoom together and record your board which will then be broadcast in the audio boards.

Right now

The Starry Vault

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A bet, a little daring but a successful bet. We were 347 SS and FF gathered this Saturday, June 24 to spend together a late afternoon, a solstice meal, followed by a ritual of lighting the fire of Saint John. 

For SS and FF subscribers to LVE, complete video and photo gallery of this June 24 by clicking HERE

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Your fraternal meetings with SS∴ and FF∴ of LVE

Set in motion the fraternity that brings us together. Have a coffee, welcome an S∴ or an F∴ in his Atelier, …

The Pros on LVE. The SS∴ and the FF∴ which offer services.

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who offer services with those who seek them.

musical moment

The intensity of the sounds of the desert evoking sound paintings: intense and hot storms and thunder, steep desert mountains, vast labyrinthine canyons. Time to listen, pause, reflect

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