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a first on LVE, a triptych of 3 Zoom conferences that follow each other: June 5, 9 and 12, 2023 by NTCF Phil OLIS:

” Investigation of Abraham: infanticide or not? ”. The ZOOM is transformed during each of the three conferences into a “court of first instance”. The speaker “attorney general” and “defense lawyer”, “The accused”: Abraham. The "accused facts": the sacrifice of his son, an alleged infanticide! The “judge” of History, with a capital H. The “jurors”: you, in conscience. And the “witnesses” called to the bar, the so-called “sacred” books an investigation followed by debates between the jurors (you) and the speaker. What will be the verdict?  INFORMATION HERE

Replay of the Zoom conference of NTCS Emmanuelle Auger: Sacred art, from Cathedrals to our Rituals 
Available in the conference file (Zoom conferences)

Your fraternal meetings with SS∴ and FF∴ of LVE

Set in motion the fraternity that brings us together. Have a coffee, welcome an S∴ or an F∴ in his Atelier, …

The Pros on LVE. The SS∴ and the FF∴ which offer services.

Connecting SS∴ and FF∴
who offer services with those who seek them.

The Starry Vault offers you an exceptional moment.

This June 24th we offer you a white solstice within the Chant d'Eole domain on the Franco-Belgian border (near the city of Mons in Belgium). Home of the SS:. and FF:. and their companions at the end of the afternoon. An aperitif on the terrace with champage (two glasses), will be followed by a sumptuous banquet punctuated by a passage orchestrated by one of the two Ateliers participating with us in this event. A bagpipe quartet will accompany us.   

In the evening, a Saint-Jean ritual will be organized in the clearing of the wood adjoining the estate (very close) around a stake erected for the occasion. During the wanderings of the officers we will trace and illuminate the Blazing Star on the ground. Everything is done for the comfort of the SS:. and FF:. having some difficulty walking (cart available).

musical moment

The intensity of the sounds of the desert evoking sound paintings: intense and hot storms and thunder, steep desert mountains, vast labyrinthine canyons. Time to listen, pause, reflect

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